Trust Membership Statistics

Membership Summary

This spreadsheet lists a month by month record of the current total membership, the number of new members and the net increase/decrease.  Last update: May 2016 showing numbers at the end of April 2016 (total membership: 3,319).

Trust Joiners and Leavers Survey

Click the link above to read about the Trust’s Joiners and Leavers survey.

Census taken at home match vs Rochdale 22 February 2014

At an OWG meeting, Trustee, Neil Le Milliere, suggested we should try and find out what proportion of spectators attending a typical home game were in fact already enrolled in the Trust. His thinking was that this might give us an idea of how much potential for further recruitment there was. It could also give us an idea of which parts of the ground we might target future recruitment drives upon.

If you came to the match against Rochdale on 22nd February 2014, you may well have encountered a volunteer, armed with some event recorders, asking you this very question.

Trust Member? YES NO
Hospitality 65 (26.5%) 181 (73.5%)
Flybe 224 (50.5%) 221 (49.5%)
Old Grandstand 143 (42.5%)  193 (57.5%)
Big Bank 287 (43%) 380 (57%)
TOTAL 719 (42.5%)  975 (57.5%) 

NB: there were about 3,000 home fans at this game so the census was made on just over a 50% sample. We missed a few of the first folk through the turnstiles, and anyone who arrived just before kick-off. The other reason the sample wasn’t 100% is that at times there were too many people passing the volunteers to ask every single person. However there is no reason to think the above figures don’t give an accurate estimate of the percentages involved. We obviously did not survey the “away” supporters.

Thank you to everyone who answered the question. With more volunteers in the future we might repeat the exercise and quantify the numbers by age of spectator. The impression we got is that generally speaking younger spectators were less likely to be Trust members. This impression is supported by what we already know about the age profile of our members.

Trust “Ownership” Group with thanks to (Di Lee, Jay Milling, Bernadette Coates, Elaine Davis, Andy Bratt, Peter Holding, and to Trust Chairman Laurence Overend)