Club Finances

Income and Expenditure at Your Club

One of the main commitments the Trust has made since its last Fans’ Forum and our own Away day is to ensure that all Trust members and fans have a greater understanding of how their club works.

On Fri 28th February the Club’s financial accounts for the year ending 30/05/13 were presented to shareholders. As part of our commitment to encourage the Club to share as much information with supporters as is reasonable, our Club Chairman announced that he would make a report on these accounts, with a commentary, available to all fans within the next few weeks.

What follows here is a rather broader brush look at the principal income streams and expenditures of our Club. The figures quoted are generally rounded to the nearest £1000 and are based on the Club’s financial forecasts for the season 2013/14. The intention is to give a flavour of the main items of expenditure a club such as ours has to think about; and the sort of income it can hope to generate to cover these. Thus the figures in these tables were set ahead of the 2013/14 season. Essentially the aim of this is to determine how much is likely to be left over once all anticipated running expenses have been covered. This becomes the budget for “football” – see below.

Transfer income, cup runs and TV appearances are not included. These are regarded as “windfall” income and cannot be guaranteed.

Principal Income streams (in order of magnitude)

Gate money and season ticket income £865K
Income from the Football League plus any cup and broadcasting revenue £659K
Advertising and sponsorship income £380K
Income from our associated businesses – ie Football in the Community, Exeter College and bars/catering. £156K
The Trust (including 1931 club) £110K
Shop, programme and website £84K
Miscellaneous £36K

The figures above (and below) are estimates, but educated ones based on experience in previous seasons and known factors such as staff’s individual contract details. One of the biggest bits of calculated assessment the Club has to do is done by the “Gates Committee” which has two Trust Board representatives on it. Last season they predicted the gate of each game and their total figure for the season was extraordinarily accurate. But things can cause this to go wrong. Losing a Bank Holiday fixture (New Year’s Day) and one Saturday fixture – both replaced with less popular Tuesday night ones – has been a big disappointment this year.


So, what does all that get spent on? Well again in order of magnitude, the principal expenses to be covered are as follows.

Football salaries & wages Players wages, bonuses, salaries of football management and coaching team plus scouting costs. £1,267K
Salaries of support team at SJP CEO, commercial team, operations staff, financial staff £295K
Fixed overheads Rent, rates, utilities,IT etc £250K
Other football related costs Fees to Football authorities; physio and medical fees; travel to away games and overnight accomn. where required; Kit lady, laundry and football secretary £170K
Matchday costs i.e. Stewards, turnstile operators, police etc £145K
Pitches i.e. ground-staff, equipment and consumables such as fertilizer etc £114K
Repairs & maintenance £55K

As befits a football club the vast majority of this expenditure is about paying for the team and the necessary supports to keep them fit, giving them a stadium and decent surfaces to play on, and getting them to their fixtures. These items in the above table total around two and a quarter million pounds, if the costs of having the stadium ready on match-days(match-day costs) are also included. Even the salaries of the team at SJP should really be considered to be in support of football: they are all about selling tickets, looking after Hospitality guests, and trying to sell more spaces in the ground in order to fund the best possible team.