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Here at Metalwork Solutions and Direct Assembly Solutions we didn’t think twice about becoming Exeter City FC Corporate Trust members.  I am Adrian Sewell, a Director of both companies, and anything we can reasonably do to positively support the development of the Trust and the football club sounds the right action to me.  In my opinion the Trust do a wonderful job passionately keeping a balance between the professional organisation, stability and longevity of the club and furthering the wishes, dreams and desires of all supporters like me.

Operating in an industry generally not known for good business sense, prudent financial planning or loyalty to its employees, the Trust at Exeter City deliver a practical, financially solid, quality business model. As local businesses, and being passionate about what we do, I can’t think of one reason why we wouldn’t want to be associated with something as wonderful as a Trust owned football league club.

Oh yes, and as a corporate Trust member we get a chance to tell you about what we do too – If you need B2B solutions for Metalwork Fabrication or Electronics Assembly we can help. We can deliver solutions ranging from initial design, through sourcing and fabrication, to assembly and test, even packaging and arranging distribution.  We operate a fast turnaround model which can work in partnership with your business and deliver the help and support you require to get your products to market, on time, in full, at the quality and price points you need.

So if it is CNC Punching, CNC Press Brake Bending, Power Pressing, MIG, TIG, Stud or Spot Welding, Powder Coat Painting, Solder Paste Printing, Surface Mount Pcb Population, Wave Soldering, Through Hole Assembly, Electro-Mechanical Assembly, Electronics Test, Bespoke Label Printing – WE HAVE IT – all under one roof.  If you read this far, enough about us – if you are a business leader please join us in the Trust as a Corporate Member.  Return on investment – it makes you feel pretty dammed good!