Additional Tickets for Forest Green Rovers


Gold and Silver members may now purchase additional tickets for the FA Cup 2nd Round fixture at Forest Green Rovers subject to the limit, if any, set by Exeter City Football Club.


Silver Members Priority for Forest Green Rovers


Silver members (plus Gold members yet to use their allocation) may now purchase their ticket for the FA Cup 2nd Round fixture at Forest Green Rovers. One ticket per member only


Down with the old and up with the new (watch this space!)

Costing £6,000, financed in part by a public bond issue and opened for the start of Exeter City’s 1926/1927 season, today, Monday 30th October, marked the beginning of the end for the ‘old’ grandstand.. The replacement will be financed by enabling development at the rear of the big bank terrace. A watershed moment in the [...]


Hugely significant historical items found in Old Grandstand

Workers in the Stagecoach Old Grandstand have discovered some interesting finds as they start to bring down the famous structure that was built in 1926. Before the demolition of the Old Grandstand members of Exeter City history group, club board and the University of Exeter met with general manager Justin Quick who is leading operationally [...]


City shirts help Ugandan children play sport

You may remember, a few months ago we put out a request for any unwanted football kit to go to disadvantaged children in Uganda. Kit was generously donated by several people including Exeter School, the club itself via Andy Holloway and Football in the Community. Here is an update on where it all went. Some [...]


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