Vision Statement

Trust Vision Statement

Your Trust Board met for an Away Day on Sunday 23rd February to reflect on current challenges and to refocus our priorities for the next 10 years of Trust ownership. We are determined to see the Club and Trust grow and thrive.

Our recent Fans’ Forum reinforced our own belief that it is now time for the Trust Board to redefine its role. We believe there are exciting opportunities ahead especially based around the Club’s successful youth development policies.

To this end we aim to:

1. Produce a draft of our new strategic priorities and consult with Trust members on these
2. Have discussions with the Club Board to establish a closer working relationship.
3. Ensure that all Trust members & fans have a greater understanding of how their Football Club works.

We have already started work on these objectives by:

  • agreeing an objective of holding at least 4 Fan Forums a year (with dissemination to those who cannot attend in person). (objective 3)
  • adding the new “Your Club” section of the website, which will provide information about ECFC and the Trust that is of interest to our members. This has just gone live but will be added to steadily over the coming weeks. We hope this will give fans a real insight into who does what in relation to our football club. (objective 3)

The next opportunity for you to help shape this process will be at the forthcoming Fans’ Forum on Monday 31st March.

We hope to see you there, together we are stronger.