Trust Strategy Plan

The Trust Vision, Mission, Values and Strategic Action Plans

The Exeter City Supporters Trust believe that the way ahead for our football club is expressed in the Vision and Mission jointly agreed by the Trust Board and the Board of Exeter City Football Club in February 2015.

The Exeter City Vision

To be an outstanding community owned Club playing football at the highest sustainable level

The Mission of the Trust and Club is to deliver our vision through

  • Growing a Trust ownership model which underpins all aspects of the Vision
  • Sporting excellence
  • Developing home-grown academy talent
  • Actively engaging with our members, supporters and the wider community
  • Delivering viable financial performance within an integrated business strategy
  • Developing first-class enabling capabilities; people, premises, pitches, pride

As majority shareholders, the Trust Board has an obligation to constantly scrutinise the performance of the Club Board and ensure that the Club has sensible business plans in place to support the strategy required to deliver the Vision.

The Trust Board also has a responsibility to create a strategic action plan so that the Trust delivers the relevant parts of the Mission statement.

Exeter City Supporters Trust Strategic Plan – Actions and Targets agreed April 2015

1  Trust ownership: Ownership Working Group (OWG)

1.1 increase membership
1.2 retain existing members
1.3 increase the shareholding in the club to 75%
1.4 explore ‘rewards’ for existing members
1.5 encourage increased contributions
1.6 make greater use of members’ skills
1.7 review communications with members
1.8 explore opportunities for fundraising


1.1 Defined as a percentage increase from August 2015
1.2 Defined as a percentage retention rate from August 2015
1.3 Ongoing
1.4 Identify potential ‘rewards’ by December 2015
1.5 Ongoing
1.6 Ongoing
1.7 Initial review completion and recommendations by 30 October 2015
1.8 Ongoing

2  Finance and Governance Group (FGG)

2.1  Establish Trust capital reserves and/or contingency fund
2.2 Monitor the financial governance of the Club
2.3 Monitor the integrated business strategy and risk management of the Club
2.4 Explore inward investment from external organisations
2.5 Review issues of governance for both Trust and Club (Joint working party)
2.6  Update Club’s Articles and Memorandum of Association
2.7 Define Reserved matters for Club Board approval and delegated matters


2.1  Maintain at least £50k easily accessible funds by December 2015
2.2 Agree a monthly suite of Club management information by 01 September 2015
2.3 Agree a monthly suite of Club management information by 01 September 2015
2.4 This refers to Community Shares which is awaiting the Cat and Fiddle long term lease renewal and the potential for considering external investment.
2.5 Review monthly and conclude by 01 October 2015
2.6 Review bi monthly, as dependent on 2.5  and conclude at 2016 Club AGM
2.7 Review monthly and conclude by 01 October 2015 as part of 2.5

3  Community Club (a club at the heart of the community) 

3.1   Promoting the Trust and Club as co-operative social enterprises
3.2   Promoting the Trust and Club at the heart of the community
3.3   Promoting good communication between supporter groups
3.4.  Promoting good links with key national football organisation
3.5   Promoting the Heritage of Exeter City FC
3.6   Promoting Equality and Diversity


Targets for 3.1 to 3.6 are reflected in the actions of the group and recorded in the minutes of meetings.

Trust Values
As trustees or representatives these are the values that underpin the way we behave and work.

Passion and commitment
We are passionate about the Trust and our football Club.

Champions of the Trust ethos
Commitment to the principle of the Trust model. We will act in an ethical, moral and inclusive fashion. We are determined that Exeter City remain at the forefront of the Trust movement.

Responsiveness, flexibility and professionalism
We work creatively and flexibly to get best value for members’ money.  We nurture talent and work as a team to deliver our objectives.

People matter
We treat everyone with courtesy and respect. We communicate openly honestly. We involve people in decisions that affect them and we respect other people’s points of view. We do not seek confrontation but we will be challenging where required.

History matters
Whilst looking to the future we will not forget the past and we will celebrate our heritage.

27 April 2015