Exiled Fans’ 1931 Fund Reaches £100k

Amidst the heady mix of excitement and nerves before City’s crucial clash with Carlisle tonight, members of the 1931 Fund will be buzzing with even higher than usual levels of Grecian pride.

At 7.30pm on the St James Park pitch, these loyal fans – whose fundraising efforts are coordinated by the Exeter Exiles – will present their latest donation of £15,000 to Exeter City.  And in doing so their total raised since the fund started in 2009 will hit the £100,000 mark.

The 1931 Fund is made up of around 70 members who each pay £19 every month to help pay for Number 31 in Paul Tisdale’s squad.  Fund organiser Alan Crockford said:

“We’ve had an excellent season, with the £15,000 raised in 2016/17 enabling Tis to stretch the budget to bring in Pierce Sweeney.

“Sweenz has been our perfect Number 31. He’s clearly a talented footballer with a tremendous attitude, and he’s worn our shirt with pride.

“There are more informed judges than me, but I’d say he’s got better and better as the season’s progressed. We’re really proud of Pierce and so grateful for all his hard work.”

Talking of hard work, the 1931 Fund are already planning for the 2017/18 season, when they want to help bring in another player to wear the famous Number 31 shirt and, as Alan puts it, ‘to represent City fans everywhere out on the pitch.’

If you are able to support the 1931 Fund – maybe you’re an exiled fan who can’t click through the turnstiles at SJP as often as you’d like – then please email Alan at 1931fund@gmail.com.

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