The Stadium Tour in 2015/16 Season


There are four Trust Members who currently lead the Trust tours on a match-day (and sometimes on other days by arrangement). The guides are Martin Weiler who, amongst many other things, is a key member of the Exeter City History Group and a present Trustee. Bernadette Coates and Andy Bratt are past Trustees, and our newest recruit is Dave Luxton who brings his experience as a long-standing Exeter Redcoat leading historical tours within the City itself.

The tours are only possible due to the support and encouragement we get from officials at the Club itself. Particular mention must go to Richard Knight, Andy Gillard, Chris Easterbrook (our former Stadium Safety Officer) and Kevin Instance, the
current safety officer, who both welcomes tours up to the Control Room and gives a most interesting description of their work on match-days, even though they can be very busy!

We find that folk who come on the tours really enjoy them and are surprised at just how much history is wrapped up in SJP. Only a few weeks ago Dave took a family round whose son uses a wheelchair and regularly comes to matches. Afterwards Dave wrote….

“I am pleased to say that we made a 12 year old boy VERY happy. He said it was ‘the happiest day of his life’ and his face when he went into the dressing rooms and then back up the tunnel was a joy to behold. I found it to be a very humbling
experience.  At the end of the tour we had a new junior trust member and his parents also kindly donated £20 to club funds. It was a pleasure to take them around the ground.”

Here are a couple more testimonials from people who have enjoyed the tours so much that they might even do one again!

“Just to say thank you ever so much for giving Toby and myself the opportunity to see behind the scenes given that the game was postponed today. Although Toby was very quiet/shy during it all he hasn’t stopped talking about doing it again and
seeing all the players’ shirts. He can’t wait to tell his mum about the parrot too. Many thanks once again and I definitely think you should get the Club to promote the tour much more on their website. Many thanks once again and you will hopefully see us again soon.”

“Hello Andy, can you please wish everyone a big thank you for the stadium tour my grandson Kai and I attended yesterday? We found it very informative and he took loads of photos. He said it was the highlight of his day, even going to the match later. Once again, many thanks, Rich and Kai.”

If you would like to come along for a tour next season, just contact Club Reception and they will put you in touch with the Trust tour guides. We can promise you that it’s well worth turning up a bit earlier at SJP for the experience.

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